Your guests are smiling ear to ear, praising your event as they file out of the venue after an evening of great food, delicious drinks, and amazing entertainment. Everything went as planned, and the best part? You actually got to enjoy it, too.

That’s the benefit of hiring Kristin Glass Events.­ We’ll take care of the tiniest details and the biggest surprises, making sure your event is a wild success that you don’t have to worry about for a minute.

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“We have had the  pleasure of working with Kristin over the past several years.  Kristin is very organized, detail orientated and we appreciate how she keeps us  in the loop as an event is in the planning stages.   We hand-picked Kristin to be the first to read ‘Easy Money’, a book on generating record profits at fundraising auction events that Danny Hooper wrote,  as we knew she would read every word and that she did giving us constructive feedback.  Danny Hooper Productions looks forward to working with Kristin Glass Events in the future.”

Danny Hooper Productions

“Kristin is one of the most creative yet highly task oriented people I know! That’s a rare combination. I’d hire her to do just about anything for me… she’s that adaptable!”


Stacy J