5 Reasons You Should Hire an Event Professional to make your event planning easy

5 Reasons You Should Hire an Event Professional

Planning any event involves so many details; sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all. And more than that, if you’re new to putting an event together, you might not even know where to start. Event projects are complex, and often you only have one shot to get everything right. There are no do-overs in the event world, and this is why you should hire an event professional.

In many cases, you may not need full coordination assistance, but there are so many advantages to hiring a professional for your event that may not even be apparent right off the bat, which can be just employed by consulting an expert. I understand that many people or businesses don’t have the desire or means to contract out this kind of work, but there are some other things you should consider before deciding whether or not to hire an event professional.


As an event planner, I am used to developing event-specific strategy to make sure that you are maximizing impact and achieving desired outcomes of your project. A professional can assist with strategic planning to make sure you are doing everything possible to form the event into something that drives towards your goals.


Through all the events I’ve planned, I’ve come up with some tools and best practices to make the planning process seamless, and this is the case with any event professional. Often, especially in the corporate world, event planning can be assigned to someone who has never done it before. This means that this person not only has to do the actual work, but also has to spend the time figuring out how to do it and where to start. An event planner will do things right, the first time.


As with any industry, the event industry is a tight-knit community. This means that your event planner probably knows your area’s best caterers, florists, DJs, photographers, and any other possible vendors you might need. They can recommend and approach individuals and businesses that they have used before and that they know will do a good job. Working with these trusted companies minimizes the risk of any piece of your event falling through.


Budget might not be something that immediately comes to mind as an advantage here, but an event planner will have a good idea of what the possible costs will be in the early stages of planning your event. This means that you can set and stick to a budget. Not to mention, having the above-mentioned relationships with vendors means that event planners can work to get best pricing, or compare to previous projects in order to determine if a quote is fair, even aside from saving you money through industry discounts.


Do you really want the stress of running the event on your shoulders? An event planner can alleviate that by taking on the entire project, or just picking up in the areas that you need help. Not to mention, having a professional on your side can ease any concerns about the event not going well.

Are you convinced to hire an event professional?

Would you hire someone who didn’t know what they were doing to fix your computer? To wire the lighting fixtures in your house? Then why not hire someone experienced to make sure your event gets the attention it deserves?  If you’re looking to hire an event professional for your project, the above possible advantages are only the beginning.

Most event planners will offer different levels of support, from full coordination to simple consultation on a couple topics. I offer these and everything in between, and I personally prefer to cater any coordination packages to the needs of each specific client. This means that you can select exactly what areas you want assistance with.

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I’m an event junkie, and I’d love to hear about the event you’re working on. Leave a reply in the comments, or drop me an email at info@kristinglassevents.com. Hope to hear from you soon!



5 Reasons You Should Hire an Event Professional to make your event planning easy
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  1. Charlotte Fleet says:

    I liked learning that event planners can help you stick to a reasonable budget by finding the best prices for vendors. My sister-in-law wants to throw a large event for her entire company in December. To make the process easier and to help her save money, I’ll recommend that she hire a professional event planning agency as soon as possible.

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