A Celebration of Life on the Water

When I became an event planner, I never really considered planning funerals or celebrations of life as something I could do. I don’t have much desire to plan too many sombre affairs, but I am very thankful to have been part of this celebration of life. Rather than a sad affair, it was about remembering the full life that was lived, sharing stories, and connecting with each other. There were, of course, sad moments, but overall I really would say this was a celebration.

The venue certainly helped to make this feel a lot more special. When the client called me ten days from the date of the event, asking for somewhere unique and interesting to hold the ceremony, I was excited to get to work. That afternoon I came up with the idea of holding it on a boat – the Edmonton Queen Riverboat to be exact.

The staff on the Edmonton Queen were wonderfully accommodating, and everything went quite smoothly. I took a few photos of the boat, which you will see below, but the majority of my pictures were actually of the beautiful views you are privy to when on board. Check it out!

Celebration of Life on the Water collage - Edmonton Queen RiverboatThe boat has a fabulous downstairs area as well that can be used for poor weather. We actually did the ceremony itself down there because it was much better for slideshow viewing, then everyone came up onto the deck for the boat ride.

This venue is a fabulous unique place to hold an event in Edmonton. I recommend it highly as viewing everything from the water makes it feel just that much more special.

What other types of unique venues have you used? Share in the comments!



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