A Fortune Telling Party

My best friend turned 30 recently, so obviously I threw her an awesome party. Her birthday is in October and is typically overshadowed by Halloween, but I decided to use the time of year to my advantage. Myself, along with her mom and a couple other family members, put together a fun Fortune Telling party to celebrate this big milestone.

The event took place at the amazing Barking Buffalo Cafe on 124 Street in Edmonton. It was the perfect location for a cozy and intimate party like this one, and they were so wonderful to work with in putting the night together. And more than that, they have delicious coffee! This place is most definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been already.

It was a lot of fun to spend the evening telling the future and looking forward to what is to come. I coordinated activity stations for guests to take part in, which included Tea Leaf Reading, MASH, a Ouija Board, tarot cards, a magic 8 ball, and more. I had the help of the birthday girl’s mom in coordinating catering and liquor needs and DIY-ing some crystal balls. Also, a friend and I made custom fortune cookies, which I am sad to say I didn’t take a picture of! We had a blast coming up with messages for these cookies. To make them, we followed Wondermom Wannabe’s recipe which you can find here. In addition, I brought in a couple tarot card readers to work with interested guests later in the night.

Most of the decor for the event was actually made up of items I already owned. I did have to go on a hunt for the Ouija board, but Kijiji came through for that. I took inspiration for both the graphic design and the decor from the crystal ball emoji 🔮, so lots of purple and gold.

Check it all out below!

I had so much fun putting together this fortune telling party; it was such a great theme just because there is so much you can do with it. This would totally play well as a Halloween party too, pulling through the quirky and spooky vibe.

Want to put together a theme party? Give me a call today! I love customizing decor and activities to match any inspiration you might have.



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