Roaring Twenties Gala for the Frank Flaman Foundation

Fundraising galas are something I always have a lot of fun coordinating. There are plenty of moving pieces to keep me challenged, and raising money for a worthy cause is all kinds of rewarding. I had the pleasure of working on a Roaring Twenties gala with my friends over at the Frank Flaman Foundation recently, and it was no exception.

I started just a couple weeks before the event, since I was hired for my Day of Event coordination service. Many of the details were already in place, so my job was just getting everything organized to execute on the big day. This means that I can’t take credit for any of the beautiful decor – that was all down to the planning crew, and the vendors listed below! I’ve been involved in this event for the past couple years and it is always a lot of fun. The planning group has great ideas and knows how to put them together, so coming in and helping out is always a pleasure. I absolutely loved this year’s theme: we held a Roaring Twenties Gala!

I’d like to take a moment to tell you a bit about the amazing organization that is the Frank Flaman Foundation. Connected with the Flaman Group of Companies, this foundation was started by Frank Flaman to support both global and local charities. It is funded by Mr. Flaman’s profits as well as donations from other individuals, and through these avenues the foundation is able to help those in need.

My friend Danny Hooper acted as the Master of Ceremonies and Fundraising Auctioneer for this gala. We have done many events together in the past, so it was fun to team up here once again. He made sure that the crowd was laughing and entertained throughout the evening. Guests dressed to the theme and the room looked amazing, but the highlight of the event for me was the band. Barry Shaw Entertainment provided classy dinner music earlier on, and busted out the dance tunes later. The dance floor was packed at the end of the night!

Event information

Venue: Fantasyland Hotel
Decor: Floral – Bunches Flowers; Balloons – The Balloon Store
Master of Ceremonies & Fundraising Auctioneer: Danny Hooper
Photo Booth: Flashworks
Entertainment: Barry Shaw Entertainment
Audiovisual: Production World
Photos: All photos by either Spasso Entertainment or Kris Padget from My Fangirl Life

photo Gallery

Are you planning a Roaring Twenties gala or party? What are your decor plans? Let me know in the comments!



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